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A Little About Myself

Indisputably the most prolific rap artist of his generation, Chris Case is one of those rare MCs who has demonstrated his ability to write good rap verses in the studio and in the comfort of his home. Case's career began in earnest as a 16 year old, when he released waves of recordings of verses onto Soundcloud. Thus, earning respect and support from rappers who were 27 and older. 

He grew up in the second largest satellite city of Charlotte, a place called Gastonia. As a youngster, he gradually discovered an aptitude for writing stories, poems, and lyrics, which eventually led to rapping. He made a name for himself as Chris Case. Along the way, he met people who believed in him enough to help him sharpen his craft by making him a protege. After releasing singles such Bring Me Down, Coming Back, When Everything's In Place, and Think Before You Speak, he has been gaining attention beyond his hometown. Of course, this is only the beginning as he will be releasing more music and will be working much harder to get to the top.