Chris Case is a talented conscious rap artist, who is garnering attention for his hard-hitting rap verses and amazing vocals. He began his career at a young age of 16, releasing his songs on Soundcloud and now he is committed fully to make professional quality music that puts an impact. Throughout his musical journey, he has met people who helped him sharpen his skills by making him a protégé. He is all set to create a new wave in the rap industry, starting from the release of his singles ‘All I got’, Ocean Views and Think Before You Speak on all major music platforms to the upcoming album release ‘Meditation Man’.

Growing up in Gastonia, the second largest satellite city of Charlotte, he discovered a knack for writing stories, poems, and lyrics which eventually inspired him to rap. As a fan of Hip Hop music, Chris’s older brother Derrick also inspired him to learn more about it. After getting into High School, he started listening to artists like Nas, Tupac, Biggie, OutKast, T.I., and Jay-Z. He was especially inspired by Kendrick Lamar and J Cole. “After I heard Section 80, I was blown away with the topics Kendrick was speaking on. Also, Friday Night Lights was another favorite mixtape and I loved everything about it”, says Chris.





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